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Weather Drawing Website


Core Interaction 2018


No mobile version!

May Experience A Little Delay


I coded this website to change the image displaying on the screen according to a weather API. I made the single image to rotate 12 times and move outwards to make a kaleidoscopic effect. I have located in New York City to make forecasts because I lived there and have always been fascinated by NYC's weather. It’s so dramatic, unlike CA, where my home is. This is not a functional website if you don’t understand the colors I used. But my intention is not to make it functional for everyone, but to make an expressive design with my aesthetic. For me, it is calming to look at a concentric object, so I love to stare at it when I am lying on my bed at night. Plus, it gives me a hint on whether I need to bring an umbrella tomorrow because I always forget to bring one.

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