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Kalo App Internship works


Internship Experience, 2020

These are works that I have done for Kalo App, which is a new emerging social shopping platform. I joined the team in March 2020. These works are more functional and commercial. I mainly focused on helping Kalo to identify their brand identity and creating graphic elements they need. I have designed the email template, Instagram campaign posts, product website page, product explanatory videos, Tiktok campaign videos, and Wechat official account cover image/article banner. It is an exciting experience during the quarantine as team communication is moved to online platforms. Because the team is fairly young and new, I am currently the only designer for the team and is in charge of most campaign materials.

Asset 136.png
Asset 17 (2)6.png

Cash Back Campaign Design


TikTok Video Campaign Design


3/17 Saint Patricks Day Home Page Design


WeChat Official Account blog covers


Blog about Street-Luxe Brands

Meredith's Campaign Design(In-APP)

Instagram Interview Notify Story

12/12 Campaign (INS, In-APP, Email, Tiktok) 

TIKTOK Onboarding Collaborative Videos


Explanatory Video

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